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One of the greatest technologies during the agrarian revolution was extensive use of pesticides. However over time concerns were raised over the side effects on pest populations leading to the development of integrated pest management strategy. According to pest control Georgetown,¬†Integrated Pest Management combines proper understanding of pest life cycle and habitat to sustainably manage […]

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Dealing With House Mice

The task of eliminating mice around your home can be time consuming. Mice are usually intelligent creatures, which usually know how to hide from danger in many places that you might not be aware of. However, as much as the elimination task can be difficult, it is important to always work on exterminating them before […]

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There are many harmful insects present all over the world of which bed bugs top the list of hazardous insects. These are parasites, which love to feed on the human blood. These bed bugs cause dangerous skin infections, which will be prevalent for months. Rashes on the skin, allergic reactions on the body, etc are […]

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