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How Do You Prevent A Bed Bug Infestation

Friday 8 June 2012 - Filed under Pest Control

preventing bed bugs

preventing bed bugs

There are many harmful insects present all over the world of which bed bugs top the list of hazardous insects. These are parasites, which love to feed on the human blood. These bed bugs cause dangerous skin infections, which will be prevalent for months. Rashes on the skin, allergic reactions on the body, etc are few of the harmful symptoms caused when bed bugs bite a person. Bed bug infestation means that bed bugs exist large in number in a particular place and their population is large enough to cause harmful effects to human living in the nearby places. With the increase in the migration rate of people around the world infestation problems are becoming more prevalent.

According to Georgetown bed bug control, hotels, offices are the places where many people come and go. People have more chances to experience bed bug infestations in such places. If effective prevention and treatment methods are not followed these bed bugs will infect the other people who are staying in these hotels and offices. Bed bugs are mostly found on furniture, ceilings, wall corners, along the sides of mattresses, bags, luggage, curtains, etc. These are the places that should be often inspected to prevent bed bug infestations.

There are many symptoms of these infestations. Prominent symptom is reddish spots on skin. Itching sensation on body and face is another symptom but this is very common for other insect bites also. So the itching bites cannot be the judging factor. Next sign that can be easily identified is rashes. But such rashes can be discovered only after few days. And this in turn depends on the victim’s body nature. Molted skin is also a sign, which can be identified easily as the symptom of infestation.

Prevention and treatment methods should be followed carefully to avoid harmful effects. Get to know the way through which the bed bugs are able to enter your place. These bugs will be hitching a ride on the bags, luggage, and sides of mattresses.

Once you have identified the originating place destroy them with the help of powerful insecticides. Cleaning the house often and inspecting the belongings that have more chances of being bed bug’s residence are harmless preventive measures. Vacuuming the households and furniture at least once in week can prevent bed bug infestations. Sealing the existing, non-used holes and cracks in the home can help you a lot to prevent the infestations. The treatment for this infestation problem is that complete elimination of the bugs.


Cleaning the beds, mattresses often, avoiding the presence of moisture, changing the curtains, etc are the initial processes of treatments. If you were already infected then consult appropriate doctors would help you to get out of danger. While staying in office or hotels be careful about the things that are already used by other persons. Cleaning the garments with hot water is another effective method to treat bed bug infestations. By following the above mentioned prevention and treatment methods, the beg bud infestations can be eradicated in an easier way.

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