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What You Need to Know About Integrated Pest Management

Sunday 15 September 2013 - Filed under Home Improvement + Pest Control

What_Is_LogoOne of the greatest technologies during the agrarian revolution was extensive use of pesticides. However over time concerns were raised over the side effects on pest populations leading to the development of integrated pest management strategy. According to pest control Georgetown, Integrated Pest Management combines proper understanding of pest life cycle and habitat to sustainably manage their populations.

Excessive use of pesticides had in addition to being expensive found, to be hazardous hence the reason for the development of this approach. This approach ensures utilization of environmentally friendly and economically viable pest control tactics. It works on the concept of using a less toxic method to control pests first while tolerating less harmful pests.

Integrated pest management is possible for agricultural and non-agricultural pests. It Involves accurate identification of pests and determination of action threshold, which is the level of damage needed in order to institute management action.Pests must be monitored very early to avoid a scenario of acting when it is too late.

The management practices include the use of physical picking of pests, careful use of chemical control, and avoiding conditions favourable for pest build up. It may also involve the use pest resistant varieties and undertaking proper crop rotation. Biological control involves the introduction of beneficial to control harmful pests through both innovative and augmentative approaches. Biological control often works when the chemical control approach is carefully handled otherwise it can be an exercise in futility as chemicals can harm beneficial.

This pest management technique must be delicately undertaken to avoid backlash of rapid pest build up. This method does not completely eliminate pesticide use but ensures that their application follows proper pest identification and avoids the wrong use of pesticides.

Therefore, integrated pest management applies all pest control strategies and careful pesticides utilization hence affording growers and homeowners a safe, friendly and economically favorable pest control mechanism. It has been proved efficient especially when properly adhered to.

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